Dance Craft: No Sew Tutu


  1. 6" wide tulle (2 or 3 rolls) and some
  2. No-Roll wide elastic. You can also buy some cute trimming, ribbons or flowers at any craft store.
  3. CLICK HERE for a wholesale store.  Use one color or multi-colors for a more playful look.
  4. If you want, also buy some fun trimmings like extra ribbon, flowers, pom poms,etc.
  5. Non-toxic glue for trimming
  6. Scissors

STEP 1: Measure each child's waist using the ribbon or elastic. (6" so the tutu can be tied.

STEP 2: Tie the ribbon around the back of a chair, a hanger, have your students tie it around their leg.


STEP 3:  Students can either LOOP each piece of tulle around the elastic, or for an easier way, they can just tie the tulle on using a regular knot.

STEP 4: Continue until the entire ribbon/elastic is filled with tulle.


 Tada!  A cute tutu perfect for your girls to play and dance in!


NOTE:  How much tulle to purchase-  It is going to vary on how fluffy you want this TUTU to be, but here is a general guideline:

  • always cut strips which are double the length of the finished tutu.
  • measure/determine what the waist size is. For this example I’ll use 21”
  • I generally expect to use 2-4 strips of tulle per inch but that varies based on the specific material you are using and the fullness you are looking for.
  • 21” waist x 2 strips per inch = 42 strips
  • 42 x 20” length strips (10” dress) = 840”
  • 840” divided by 36” (1 yard) = 23.3
  • round up to whole number = 24 yards to make a 10” skirt

To show you how the formula is the same, even when you switch the numbers, let’s do the math for a 12” skirt on a 21” waist with 3 strips per inch.       21” waist x 3 p/inch =63 strips. 24” length strips x 63 =1,512”. 1,512” divided by 36” = 42 yards exactly needed to complete the 12” skirt.

CLICK HERE for another place to buy Tulle