9:30 - 10A Musical Feet

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Objective: To reinforce the ballet positions of the feet in a fun and exciting manner.


Step 1: Begin by teaching or reminding your campers of all five ballet positions of the feet. 

Step 2: Start with first position.  Show first position with your feet and say “first position” aloud while all of the dancers copy your position and repeat “first position” out loud. 

Step 3: Then move on to second position and so forth.  Always go back to first position as you move forward, for example for third position you would say “First position, second position, third position,” and as you call out each position the group would demonstrate the position with their feet. 

Step 4: Once you have taught your dancers all five positions, you can begin the game.  The instructor stands at the front of the room and the dancers spread out across the floor. The dancers walk all over the room creating any pathway they like.  Be sure to remind the dancers not to run or to bump into one another. 

Step 5: At random the instructor calls out a position of the feet.  Whichever dancer is the last to get into that position (first, second, third, fourth, or fifth) is out.  That dancer comes to the front of the room with the instructor and practices the positions as the instructor calls them out but they are no longer competing in the game. 

Step 6: Continue this process until you have three or four dancers left.

Step 7: Once you are down to three or four dancers, begin the final round.  The dancers make a straight horizontal line facing the instructor (so all the dancers are visible).  The instructor quickly calls out different positions of the feet and the dancers must jump to the corresponding position.  For example, the instructor says "first, third, fifth, second..." and as each position is called out, the dancers must jump from one positition to the next; in this example they would jump from first to third, then from third to fifth and so on.  

Step 8: The instructor increases the speed until a dancer messes up (jumps to the wrong position).  This dancer is out.  Continue this process, speeding up the rate at which you are calling out positions, until one dancer remains.


You may play background music, but make sure it is low enough that all the dancers can hear you call out the various positions.

You can play this game without “outs” if that better fits the spirit of your camp.

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