10-11A Hip Hop Dance

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The Hip Hop Dance dance represents 1.5 minutes of the 5 minute camp dance. 

The hip-hop portion of the camp dance is used to introduce dancers to the fundamentals of commercial hip-hop dance.  Use the video to learn the dance and tips on how to teach the material. 

This video includes the full dance, dance with counts, and combination breakdown.

Some important movements from the genre include:

  • Grounded walks
  • Sharp hits
  • “Pops”
  • Parallel plied positions
  • Bouncing through the torso and legs
  • “Flow”
  • Ball change
  • “Waves”

Some important corrections to use include:

  1. Stay grounded
  2. Feel the music
  3. Find your groove
  4. It’s ok to feel silly
  5. Stay parallel
  6. Find your own sense of “cool”

This MP3 contains the Camp Hip Hop Dance Music - feel free to download!


Full Camp Version:  $125

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