9 - 9:30A Introduction

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Objective: Learn everyone in the program’s name while practicing new dance ideas.


Step 1:  Have the entire camp form one large circle, including the instructor(s). 

Step 2: The main camp instructor goes first.  The instructor says their name and then performs one simple dance move or gesture.  The format is, “My name is [insert name] and this is my move.”

Step 3:  Instructor does their simple move.  Everyone in the circle repeats the instructors name out loud as they perform the simple move.  The move is completely made up; it can be whatever the participant desires whether a classical move or an improved move.

Step 4:  Going clockwise, move on to the next person in the circle.  They repeat this process, adding their name and their move.  After each addition, start from the beginning of the circle and go through each name and move in order (going through each camper clockwise).


  1. Instructor:  I'm Jane and here's my move --she then completes a Jete.
  2. Camper 1: She's Jane and here's her move, I'm Mary and here's my move-(she then completes a pas de chat)  

Continue this process until each student has said their name and added their move to the circle, and you have gone through the full camp circle clockwise.  

Step 5:  Once you have completed the circle and said everyone’s name while performing their move in a clockwise fashion, attempt to go in reverse order (for example, if you went Mary, Paul, Mike for steps 1 – 4, all together go Mike, Paul, Mary to push the campers brains a bit further).  If you finish this game early, play again using different moves and starting with a different leader. 

Important Note:

Each move should be very simple and take one beat or count to perform.  If the move is to complex or too long it will not fit into the next version of the game, The Name Game II.  Tell the campers to keep the moves simple so that everyone can perform them at a quick speed if necessary. In the Name Game II, we will set these moves to a rhythm, and each move will receive only one beat as the tempo increases.  

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