2:00 - 2:30 Dance Craft: Camp Bracelet


  1. 3 strands of embroidery floss or yarn each 6 feet long per camper.
  2. (Floss is nicer but a nice thick yarn can be easier to use the first time you do the project)


There are many Youtube instruction videos walking you through how to do this; click here to view the one we use.  The video uses a slighlty different method; either will yield the same results. 

  1. Put your yarn together so all of the ends meet.
  2. Fold in half and knot in the middle (now you have 6 strands).
  3. Tape the knot to a table or clip it onto a clipboard (or get a friend to hold it).
  4. Starting from left to right, use the left most string to make a double knot around each of the other strings -- the image shows what one double knot looks like.Mbrace4
  5. Still using the left most string, make a double knot around each other string, one at at time.  You should tie a total of five double knots with the left most string (one double knot per other string).
  6. After completing Step 5, the string we used for knotting is now on the right most side of the project and there's a diagonal first row of knots across our bracelet.
  7. Again, starting from left to right, we'll pick up our next string and knot all the way across with it, repeating Step 5 but now with the new most left string. 
  8. Continue this process of taking the left most string and double knotting all the way across the other strings until your bracelet is long enough to tie around your wrist.
  9. Tie a simple knot in the end and then tie it around your wrist!

End Product:


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