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This game is also played in the Camp Olympics; in the Camp Olympics the instructor helps designs the course and times the campers as teh race through the course.  For free play allow the campers to do all the set up.




Step 1:  Using all of the objects in your studio, in your waiting room, and anywhere you have access to, have the campers design an “obstacle course.”  The campers may set the objects in their classical manner (like setting a chair upright) or in a nontraditional manner (turning a chair upside down). Try to spread the items out across the space to make sure everyone has plenty of room.  

Step 2:  Each object represents an “obstacle station.”  At each station the campers must perform a task on or with the obstacle; for example, if the first obstacle was a chair, it can be as simple as sit in the chair or as complex as run around the chair fifty times. 

Step 3:  After designing the entire course, the campers decide what each station consists of.  They demonstrate what is required at each station. They can be as creative as possible with each obstcale and can ask each other for ideas.  

Step 4: Have each camper go one by one.  They are trying to complete the obstacle course as quickly as possible!

Step 5:  Once each camper has completed the obstacle course, the campers break into two teams. 

Step 6:  The two teams compete for the best time.  To do this, the campers of each team decide which obstacles will be completed by which team members (for example, team rabbit decides Jane will do the chair, Stephanie will do the hula hoop, and John will do the ball bounce).  Each member of each team must complete at least one obstacle; if there are more obstacles than campers, some campers may complete more than one obstacle. 

Step 7:  The team who finishes the course first wins!

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Full Camp Version:  $125

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