3:45 - 4:00 Freeze Dance

Objective:  To get out extra energy and allow campers to explore their own natural dance ideas in a joyful manner.


Step 1:  Begin the music.  All campers begin dancing; they can improvise, do any movements from the camp dances, or do any other dance they know. 

Step 2:  The instructor pauses the music at anytime.  Whenever the music pauses, all campers must freeze.  The instructor then begins the music again.  This continues on; the instructor pauses at random (whenever he or she feels) and the campers all must freeze whenever the music is paused and hold their position until the music starts back up agin.  

Step 3:  After five rounds in this manner, you may (this is an option, but not necessary) make it competitive by eliminating the last camper to freeze until you are left with one freeze champion.

Step 4:  Repeat!

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