2:45 - 3:15 D'acting:Television Host

For sample purposes we have repeated the D'acting exercise from earlier.  In the full version a new D'acitng exercise is given.

Objective: To get the children in touch with real emotion they feel to help them integrate emotional behavior in their dance movement.

TIME: 3 minutes to set up and have kids pick characters

  1. :30/child on “set”
  2. :30 - :60 seconds for “environmental change”
  3. Play 2 to 4 times depending on how many children are in the group.

Description: Create your “Talk Show Set” with either chairs, (from your waiting room) or use imaginary chairs.

Step 1:  Elect one camper (or ask a camper who wants to go first!)  to be the television host.  They will play themselves, acting as they normally would but pretending their job is to interview guests for a television show.

Step 2:  All of the other campers choose a character from their favorite movie or television show they would like to be for the exercise. No holds barred.  

Step 3:  Each character has something important to tell the host—for example, Cinderella has to tell the host about the amazing Price she met at the ball.  Or one of the seven dwarfs has gotten a new job with the wicked queen!  (Obviously you can use more modern characters that the children are familiar with.) The child can tell the counselor who their character is.  If the child can’t think of anyone, the counselor can give the ideas.

Step 4:  The counselor will call each camper one at a time to join the host on the TV set. About every thirty seconds, add another camper to the “scene.”  Campers already in the scene stay in the scene in character and continue to act and speak to the host and each other (but only one character can speak at once!) The HOST has to monitor them— (or not!!!)

Step 5:  Once all the characters entered the “set”, call out an environmental change which effects the entire show and cast (for example: a thunderstorm, an earthquake, candy falling from the sky, etc.)  All the children have to act accordingly and in character. 

Step 6:  Once the scene comes to a “close,” repeat the game choosing a different camper to be the television host.

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